Baseball v. Soccer

It looks like San Jose might have to choose between getting the A's and keeping the Earthquakes. It is true that no matter what the city does we could come a loser on both counts. For myself I would choose having a major league baseball team in San Jose over having a major league soccer team here 10 out of 10 times. I am a big baseball fan and I would go to a lot more games if it was not very hard. I am also not sold that the Earthquakes can generate enough revuine for the city to build a stadium.

The problem is that I can forsee San Jose building a Major League Baseball Stadium and not getting the A's to move here. That would end up costing is the Earthquakes. I am not sure that would be good for the city.

San Jose is as close to not being a real place as possible. There are a millions people here, yet the city has no center. I know that people love the Sharks because they are the San Jose Sharks. I wonder if the same thing would happen if the A's moved here.


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