Born To Run

I was listening to Bruce Springsteen's Thunder Road the other day. I was instantly taken back to being 14 years old again. The song reminded me of growing up outside Philadelphia. All of the Philadelphia radio stations waited to calm Springsteen as their own. Philadelphia was really a Springsteen town.

At 14 years old Bruce Springsteen was my favorite musician. There was something about his song writing that I really like. The songs seemed to touch something I saw around me, but no one talked about. The images in his songs where accessible to me.

The Born To Run album has a sense of desperation. The songs are about people who seem to be pushed to the edge. The album is about broken dreams, drug deals, street racing, and last chances. I could imagine people I knew as the characters in these songs.

At 14 years old Thunder Road seemed to be perfect . These songs were almost 15 years old when I was listening to them, yet they did not seem old. At that time there seem to be some current and alive about the Born to Run album. There were people around me that could have been characters on the album. I could see what Springsteen was singing about. It seemed to be more important than other music.

I wonder if 14 and 15 year old kids still react this way. Is this still an album that boys hear and understand in that same way. Is it important to kids who are still trying to find their way in the world. The album is now 30 years old. I am not sure how many 15 year olds out there that see rock as timeless. I know that many kids out there would see something like Born to Run as ancient history. I just do not know any kids to ask.


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