The First Rule of Blogging

Last night was the company Christmas party. I had a good time. I had the chance to wear the sportscoat I bought for my parents' anniversary party. That is all I am going to write about the Christmas party.

I know there are lots of cool stuff I could write about work. Some of it would make good blog matrieal. There are things that happen that just scream to be written about. I know that I my readers would love to read about my job. I also know that these things could get me fired.

As Sad Salvation Readers might notice, I do not write about work very much. I do not want to give anyone a reason to fire me. I have been there a long time, but you never know what might get someone to fire you. Why should I give anyone an extra reason.

There are a lot of things in my life I do not write about. I have been thinking about writing about these things in a personal journal again. I seem to only be motivated to write things that will show up in this blog. It has become much harder for me to write things that no one else will ever read.

I know that I will not be at TiVo forever. I could write down what I see in hopes that it might be worth reading in the future, but I do not think that is my style. I think I am the type of blog writer who sees things that are interesting now, but might not be interesting in the future.


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