The Money for Christmas

I have been thinking about where the money for Christmas comes from. I work for a company that does a lot of holiday sales. Any company who does retail sales know that Christmas can make or break your year. There is so much money being spent, you have to get some of it. It is not like there are other things not being bought during the holidays so people have money for Christmas. Just about everyone is selling in Christmas.

After thinking about it a while I know where the money comes from. The money comes from the rest of the year. People are either saving their money or using credit cards for the gifts. They are tightening their belts in other months so they have something for Christmas.

This makes we wonder if Christmas is really better for the economy or not. For a long time I thought that Christmas was important in America because of how much economic activity went on around it. Now I wonder if it does more hard then good.


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