2005 the Year that was

It is really hard from me to discribe 2005. The first half of it was really hard. Few things went right for me. Work, money, and family were all hard for me. Each little thing just piled up. I was doing my best to just keep going. If figured if I could fine my way through each day, I would be okay in the end. I just had to keep going.

Half way through the year I meet Dreamgirl. It was after my birthday. I had decided that I ws not looking for a relationship while I was 33. I was going to take time away from looking for a relationship. To Be honest, looking ususally never helped me find a relationship. I was happy not to look.

I still asked Dreamgirl out to dinner. She had left a post on my Live Journal and I was not sure if she was hitting on me or not. This was her second post and I would be kicking myself I did not find out. I did not want to be haunted by not knowing. I decided to send her a vague e-mail asking her out to dinner so I could figure it out.

The first date went well enough to have a second date. The second date went amazinly well. From there our relationship has taken off. I found out later that she was not hitting on me. Hearing that made me smile because I took a chance and turned nothing into something special.

Like any relationship, it is work at times. Anything worth having is worth working for. Dreamgirl makes those moments of work not seem so hard. I am happy to work hard to make the relationship work.

At the end of every year I ask myself one question. I ask myself "Was this year better than last year?" At the end of 2004, the year was not as good as 2003. It is the first time in several years that was true. I was on a good run of my life improving each year. This year I can say that 2005 was better than 2004. I am back on the track of having one year betten than the next.

Random Thoughts of 2005
I spent a month at my parents house this year
I bought a new car
I fell in love
Went to ComiCon in San Diego for the Second Time.
Took two full weeks of vacation at my apartment

Places I spent the night
Warminster, PA
Harrisburg, PA
San Diego, CA
Carmel Valley, CA
San Francisco, CA

I think I see a trend here.


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