Bad Games

I think video games make me boring. I recently got my hands on a PSP. I am using it for work. I also had a friend lend me a game. I have been playing X-Men Legends 2 for the past couple of days.

I am worried that the game is making me boring. That is sad because it is just a mediocre game. I am always someone who is extremely caught up in his own thoughts. Most of the time I try sharing my thoughts with other people. That is the way I get out of my own head.

The problem with games is that I get very involved with the world in the game. It makes me think of just of the game world. All of my thoughts get stuck in that world. After playing a game for a few hours I end up having nothing to say to anyone.

This really disturbs me. Whenever I get this feeling I try to stop playing games. That is why I only have a handful of games for my PS2. I think this is clear to me because Dreamgirl is in my life. I talk to her all the time. I feel bad if she has to do all the talking.

Does anyone else feel this way if they play too many games?


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