The Camera Dilemma

In my own rear view mirror
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My beloved camera has gone missing. I am quite heart broken over this. I no longer have my Olympus Stylus 400. I loved that camera. It is the fifth digital camera that I owned. It was the best one by far. If took okay pictures, but it fitted my needs perfectly. I am very sad about it going AWOL.

Now I need to figure out what I am going to do. I love taking pictures. I cannot just stop because my camera is gone. I think that photography is a good thing in my life. It is a hobby that gets me to pay attention to the world around me. I do not want to just give that up. I need to go through the pros and cons of each action from here.

Use my back up cameras until I save enough money for a digital SLR

-I already have two back up cameras
-fastest way to get a digital SLR
-no money out of pocket already

-neither of my backup cameras are compact (Olympus D-550 & Olympus C-740). I will miss a lot of shots because I will have the cameras on me less
-the Olympus D-550 needs new batteries every other day (not kidding)
-still need to get a compact camera sometime

Buy a cheap point and shoot

-less money out of pocket
-faster way to a digital SLR
-can find something small enough to take everywhere

-will not have all the features I am looking for. I want a compact camera that takes good low light photos.
-will not have the same picture quality I had before
-step backwards from my last camera

Buy the best compact camera I can find

-get all the features I want
-will be a step forward from my Olympus Stylus 400

-longest route to a digital SLR
-paying the most out of pocket
-might not need to spend all this money

Are there any options, pros or cons that I am missing?


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