The camera is found

A little while ago I wrote about my Camera Dilemma. I found my camera over the weekend. It turned out to be one of those zen things. I only found my camera after I stopped looking for it. It made me happy when I found my camera. I was not looking forward to buying a new camera right now. I would like one sometime, but now is not that time.

This raises a larger question. How am I going to spend my money this year. Will my computers last me another year? How much should I spend on consumer electronics? Will I have to buy an HDTV this year? How much money will I have to travel?

I wish I had money for all of it. It would be great if I had money for a new computer, HDTV, digital SLR, and to travel as much as I want. I know that I will not have that kind of money. I know there are choices to make. I know that I cannot spent my money on all these kinds of things.


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