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A few days I posted about Pandora. Today I found a comment from the CTO from the company. That is pretty good. It easy for him to find all the blogs writing about Pandora using Techorati. Here is the comment the CTO left me.

Hi Rich,

Glad you found Pandora. I love the Mountain Goats too; one of my all-time-favs. At least for me I like what Pandora plays when you start from the Goats. But then, I'm biased. :-) You've done a great job capturing his essense -- "sings because he has to" indeed!

Anyway, thanks for listening. Have fun.

CTO @ Pandora

Tom Conrad [email] [homepage]

This is pretty cool. For some reason getting a comment from the CTO seems cool. He is not just marketing guy, but one of the heads of the company. I have no idea how many people work at Pandora. He could be cheif cook and bottle washer also. This comment sent be back to Pandora again. It is worth another try.

I still have two other problems with Pandora. The first is that I have too much music to listen to already. I have over 41,000 songs in my iTunes library. Even if I only listen to the songs I do not know well, that is a lot of songs to listen to. Between e-music and the music my friends introduce me to, my music library is always growing. At the rate my music library is growing I am not sure I need somehow to find more music.

My other problem is that one listen in not enought for me to figure out If I like a song or not. Most of the time it takes me 5-10 listens before I know if I like a ssong. If I am going to find music I want to listen to, I would have to listen to Pandora everyday. I just do not know If I have the time to do that.

The Pandora website says they are going to start adding advertising eventually. As soon as they do that, I will never use their website again. I know they need to make money off their website, but I have other options.


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