Google V. DOJ: Who has more power

There was a big news story this week about Google refusing a Department of Justice subpoena. I think this is really interesting. I am not sure what the White House is thinking. This is on the heels of the domestic spying coming to light. I think this is a bad time to ask for data like this. They are giving Google a built in defense. I can see Google point to this as why they should not give over such broad data.

I will admit that I do not think Google is picking this fight because they want to protect their customer's privacy. I think they are trying to deep their business practices private. I am happy they are not just handing this data over. I just do not expect Google to always fight for me.

What is more worry some to me is that the government is trying to revive the Internet child protection law that was struck down by the Supreme Court. If the law was struck down, don't they need to go to congress to get a new law written? Can they just try to revive the law on their own? I think that is what everyone should be looking at.


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