Notes from the meetup

Punch in the Throat 2
Originally uploaded by earthdog.

Roll call: Elkit, Fling93, J0n, Silvia, Antwon, ealasaid

Here is the run down of things
  • Silvia reminded us to sign up for the Don't Call List for Cell Phones
  • Elkit is still cursing, but it is not having the effect she wanted.
  • I think that jumping the shark is done. I think the new term should be Chachi'ed. Scott Baio is really went send Happy Days downhill
  • We joked that one of the peices of See's Candy was Blowfish Chocolate?
  • What does the green pill in the matrix?
  • "I wish I saved some of the coins with my face on it" Antwon
  • "i am just going to start paying with suicide bills" Elkit
  • Antwon wants Shuffle Mode on the DVD player so he can watch Lost like it was shot by Quentin Tarantino
  • Blogs Sweeps Week will be The Blingingist week ever
  • Give my sweater back or I will play the guitar
  • More Punch in the throat pictures


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