Old Photos

I found some old digital photos on my hard drive. I am bad at orginzing my data. There are documents in files all over my computer. I found the photos while I was trying to make space on the hard drive.

In this set of photos there are some old work photos. I have about 100 MB of photos of cable boxes and cable box remotes. These photos are from 2000 & 2001. They are no longer useful to me in my job. I am not sure they were useful when I took them.

I am trying to decide if I should delete these photos or not. There is part of me that thinks that I should not delete any data, ever. There is no need for me to delete any undamaged file. Storage is so cheap that I should just burn all of my useless files onto disks in case I can use them somehow in the future. Who knows, maybe I can do something cool with my photos of Jerrold cable boxes.

The problem comes in managing these photos. If I put them on a disk for the future, I still have to figure out what to do with them sometime in the future. I have to develop a way to look through these files that is meaningful. I might have that in the future, but I do not have that now. Maybe I should just delete the photos and be done with it.

What do my photo-freak friends out there do? Do you keep every photo you ever take or keep tight control and only keep the good ones?


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