Starting off with a Wimper

I really wanted to get off to get Blog Sweeps week off to a better start. My plan was to have have some entries already in the can, ready to go. My plan was to get up early this morning so I could get some writing in. I was going to have a great entry ready so it could be read when people got to work on Monday. The idea was to set the expectation that people could check Sad Salvation several times a day and find new content each time.

As you might have figured out by now, that did not happen. This morning I was happy because I was having breakfast with Dreamgirl. I would rather have breakfast with her than write. Still, I did not get started the way I wanted to get started.

I am not sure what this says about me, my life, or Sad Salvation. I know it says something. I love doing these things. I just not good at commiting the time or effort that could make a hobby like Sad Salvation better. This seems to be one of the themes of my life.


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