Sunday Write-in: Mac Users

Sunday Write-in: Mac Users
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For a while we were a table of just Mac Users. I have said that I know a lot of Mac Users here. Being the Bay Area distorts my mental map. If I went with my friends, I would think half of all home computers were Macs. My guess is that many of my mental maps are distorted by living here.

I told the people in this picture that I would get a lot of views on flickr because it was people sitting with macs in this pictures. That tuned out to be true. After only four days it has over 100 views.

Most of my pictures have between 5-25 views after three days. I will admit that views are the currency of Flickr to me. I want my photos to get as many views as they can. I always want more views for my photos. I am not sure who pictures with Macs are so popular. I guess the cult of mac is really that popular. I should keep on taking these photos so I get more views.


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