Comments, the web 2.0 currency

pictogram girl
Originally uploaded by earthdog.

There are three currencies on Flickr, Views, Favorites, and Comments. Because of the way Flickr shows you these currencies, you get to see the two 200 photos in each of these categories. It took me 920 photos posted before I have 200 photos with at least one comment. As of today I have 200 photos with at least 2 comments. It has only taken me 1480 photos posted to get to this milestone. I feel that I should keep track of these milestones.

There are a lot of ways to game these stats. I try my best not to game them. The only thing I do is add my photos to groups. I try to avoid the groups that people comment on every photo. I feel that is a little too artificial.

The kind of photos I take and I post are effected by the comments I get on Flickr. I think that is the biggest impact of the Flickr currency. I am never sure what will get comments, but I try my best to post things I think might.

I included the photo Pictogram Girl because it is my most commented photo.


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