Getting over happiness

A friend sent me a link from a story, Getting over happiness. I think it is an interesting story. I do not agree with everything in the story. In the past I have been pegged as someone who thinks too much to be happy. I have wallowed in unhappiness in the past, but I usually see nothing wrong about being unhappy from time to time. I think this is an interesting quote.

"Western culture promotes feel-goodism. In part it's a side effect of having technology to make things easier or feel better. It's natural progress, so we don't have to do the sweaty, hard things our forebears had to do. But inside that is a meta-message, which is that you're supposed to feel good from morning to night. And add on top of that commercialism and medications -- because they feed it too: If you consume the right products, eat the right pill, drink the right beer, drive the right car, you believe that you're not going to feel anything you don't like. What I'm saying is that is not the definition of a meaningful life, and I'm saying people know it."


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