Guest Blogger: Kathy Thomas

"Greetings from the East Coast. I am Rich's older sister, Kathy. Since all of his siblings are older than he is, I will let you guess where in the line I fall. Sometime in November Rich posted on Flickr a sign that hangs on our parents' front door that says "Thomas Tribe", he also referred to that as a kinda of 80's thing. Its true, it was the time of "Eight is Enough" (and we agreed), as well as the first revival of the "Brady Bunch", so cute names like Thomas Tribe were all the rage. Well here we are in 1981 in all of our glory wearing our numbered shirts:

(You have to remember that this was taken with an old Kodak 110 camera, and the picture hasn't aged well, so I apologize for the poor quality) By the way, The cute little kid in the front row squished between the Boss and the Chief now goes by Rich or Earthdog instead of #8.

When I originally volunteered for this duty, I was going to write deep thoughts and other nonsense, but as usual the week got away from me. Work has been its usual hell and all of the other stuff that goes with it. So instead, I'll tell you that Rich and I are alike in some ways and very different in others. We both love taking pictures, but I love printing and scrapbooking them (no jokes please - all of his sisters and his mother scrapbook), we both love baseball (but Rich is more avid about it), we both enjoy music (but I am a classic rock type with no taste for anything recent),
we both love reading (but our tastes are vastly different) and both tend to dominate at Trivial Pursuit. In fact, neither of us can find opponents. Our political views as sort of similar, but I am much more conservative (though definitely anti-big government from many "conservatives"). Rich is more of a risk-taker than I am, but I am more take charge (that comes from family positioning). Rich is very techno-savvy and I know just enough to get by. I don't have a blog and can't foresee starting one in the near future. I can barely keep up with my correspondence much less regular posting. Most importantly, we both value family and friends, because when it comes right down to it, if you can't rely on your family, who else do you have?

I hope that the Blog Sweeps Week is successful for Rich and his blogger friends, you sound like such a fun and interesting group. Hopefully the next time I get out there, I can meet some of you, in the meantime, I will settle for reading your blogs.


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