Lost and Broken

I took a lot of pictures Saturday. Between Wonder Con and the Flickr second birthday party, I took lots of pictures. One of the reasons went to Wonder Con was so I could take pictures of people in costumes. I knew there would be lots of good pictures to take. I also knew that I would have a lot of chances to take pictures at the Flickr birthday party.

I took a lot of pictures, but I do not have most of them right now. I left my man-bag in back of a taxi last night. At least that is where I think I left it. Of all the stuff in the bag, the only thing that matters to me are the pictures. I can replace everything else but the photographs. I have heard that before, but right now it really makes sense. I was really looking forward to posting some of those pictures on Flickr.

Yesterday I called the cab companies. None of them found my bag. Today I called the SFPD number for things turned in from cab companies. They do not have a listing for my bag either. Right now I expect that I will never get the bag back. Those photos will never be found. All day I looked at my voice mail light wating for a message. I never got that call.

All day yesterday I was out of sorts. I know it was because I lost my photos. I felt proud about getting some of those shots. I felt bad because I did not have them any more.


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