Muslims cartoon protests

I have been thinking about the cartoons that sparked the Muslim protests. I understand how the cartoons would upset Muslims. It is a major offense to insult Mohammad. There are traditions to never depict Muhammad at all.

My problem is that I believe in free speech. Free speech and freedom of the press are the most important freedoms anyone can have. Without these freedoms all other freedoms are useless. There is no way to comment about what is going on. That is why it is important.

I have heard some arguments about free speech not being absolute. I heard arguments saying there are responsibilities that go along to those freedoms. I have heard that respect for religion is just as important as free speech. I do not like any of these arguments.

The hard thing is about censorship is worrying about who is in charge of the censorship. You might like the person who is in charge of the censorship today, but someone else is in charge tomorrow. I am worried today people are upset about cartoons and tomorrow I cannot state my option. I guess I am a big free speech person because I am a blogger.

Links about this: wikipedia cartoons, cartoons, Brussels journal, L.A. Times.


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