Not to be lost

Bob Pence left a comment on my blog. I did not want the comment to be lost.

#1 Feb 09 2006, 08:43 pm

I've been trying to formulate a description of the central problem with East-West interaction for a while. I've been leaning toward insisting that we must not tolerant intolerance, which has obvious weaknesses. My latest insight:

They must tolerate tolerance.

The individualism of the West must spread for this to work, frankly. It is a problem when it is not enought to be virtuous, when you must insist that everyone around you be virtuous by your definition. A Christian may exercise virtue by not pulling into the local adult book store. If a Muslim will not be satisfied until the store itself is burned down, well, this is a problem.

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The last time I saw Bob we talked about Islam. It seems to be something that he thinks about a great deal. I think this commet was good enough not to be lost.


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