SV Meetup notes

SV Meetup
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Highlights of the SV Blogger Meetup.

I am live blogging at the meetup. Kevin, Hank, Antwon, and Elkit, where all there. It was a small turn out but we still had a good time.

Here are my notes from the night:

-I am in the derivatives market for Antwon's Soul
-I wish they could all be Californium Girls
-Texting while drunk.
-Lifetime movies about Cyber seduction is Save Until I Delete on Antwon's TiVo.
-We want more star wipes in movies.
-My Three Wookies
-There is nothing engineers like more than free lunch.
-We are waiting for the Bible on Power Point
-Kevin has a dry full of other people's clothing
-Antwon is a data plumber
-There is no need to include the adjective 'Bad' when talking about Kurt Russell movies
-Spinal Tap Script - Everything goes to 11
-Cheese is always extra. Bacon makes everything better except Cookies.
-Antwon's New Title, Vixen
-Rich: That CEO only dated women who could sue him for sexual harassment
Antwon: That is the weirdest fetish ever.


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