U.S.A. 3 Japan 2

US v. Japan in San Francisco: Painted Fans
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I went to the U.S.A. v. Japan soccer friendly on Friday Febuary 10th. I have never been to a high level soccer game before. That might be one of the reasons the San Jose Earthquakes have moved from San Jose to Houston. This was a work outing. I am not sure I would have gone on my own.

The match was at SBC Park. I wonder if this is going to be the last event there before they change the name again. SBC Park is not a bad place to see a soccer game. Our seats were in the left field bleachers. We were pretty close to the goal. It was cool to see the action from behind the goal.

Soccer is pretty exiting live. I have tried to watch it on TV before, but it just seemed boring. It had to be a really good match for me to sit there for 90 minutes. Seeing it live you could feel the tention. Where there was a break away toward the goal you thought that anything could happen. The low scores helped add to the tention. Any goal would change the feeling of the game. I have never seen this on television.

If the U.S.A. national team comes back to San Francisco I would go to see them again. I am also willing to watch the world cup on TV this year. It might be cool to watch at a World Cup party or a bar. I am not saying that I am becoming a soccer fan. I am just saying that it is worth my time.


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