What does blogging mean

A few days ago I was listening to Forum on KQED, the local NPR station do a show about political blogging. They talked a lot about political blogging. All of the callers and most of the bloggers seemed dismissive of personal bloggers. The bloggers kept on referring to personal bloggers at people who like posting photos of their cats. They talked about personal bloggers like they are at best boring and at worst totally egotistical.

I have noticed that political and news blogs are the only blogs that get attention in the media. The reason for this is because these blogger are competing for the news media. The media never talks about what is happening with personal blogging. I am not sure they can see why it is important.

I think there is something happening with personal blogs. People are changing the way they are communicating. I am not sure who is going to read this entry. I am not sure who I am writing for. What I know is that anyone who wants will be able to read it. I know that millions of people are doing the same thing at this very moment. I know that I will not be alone, but I might get lost.

I love blogging because someone get try to get to know me through reading Sad Salvation. It is not all of me, but there is a Rich Thomas Sad Salvation Persona that people can get to know. If you add that to the Rich Thomas Earthdog Flickr Persona you can know even more of me.

I believe that no one will remember what was written on Political blogs, famous blogs, technology blogs, or business blogs 200 years from now. When the Ken Burns movie of this era is made 2000 years from now they will be reading from personal blogs. Personal Blogs will be what is read over the photos of this time. This will be seen as a dawn of a new age because of what our grandchildren do with personal blogs.


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