What kind of Photographer am I ?

Flickr Turns Two: Molinchka
Originally uploaded by earthdog.

I have been thinking about photography a lot lately. For weeks now I have been lusting after a digital SRL camera. I just do not have the money to spend on one. I have been playing with other people's cameras at meetups. Each time I take some pictures with one, my lust becomes stronger. Going to all these flickr events is not helping. It seems like everyone there has a digital SLR.

At the Flickr Turns Two Party my ice breaker was, "What kind of pictures do you take?" It was the perfect ice breaker for a party like that. I knew everyone there was into photography. It seemed like the right question to ask. It did give me something to talk about with people.

My answer to that question is that I am a "journaling photographer." That means that take photos of the world I see around me. I take photos when I do something or visit some place. I take photos of the people around me. My photographs are very much like my blog. I am happy to be that kind of photographer.

As a flickr user I try to do two things. I feel that I am rewarded for whimsy. There are three currencies on Flickr, views, comments, and favorites. My funny pictures are rewarded with all three of these currencies. If I only cared about those things, I would only put up funny pictures.

My brother told me that he likes my flickr account because he feels that he can really see me from across the country. He can know something visual about the way I live my life. I think this is a good thing.

I am not sure if getting a better camera would turn me into a better photographer or not. I enjoy taking pictures of people the most. I like capturing something special about a person with a camera. I know I would take more photographs of people If I had a better camera.


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