Wonder Con: Learning from Kevin Smith

At Wonder Con I went to the 2 hour Spotlight on Kevin Smith. I have always liked Kevin Smith. I had a great time listing to him talk. I laughed very hard at time. The clip from Clerks 2 looks great.

Here is what I learned from listening to Kevin Smith:

  • Kevin Smith Feels really bad about making Jersey Girls.
  • The Jersey Girl Test Audances thought Jennifer Lopez should have died before the movie started
  • The X-Men movies are alagories about gay accpetacne (brokeback mutant)
  • You can never hold Kevin Smith to anything he says he is going to do
  • Kevin Smith does not want $70 dollars to make movies with other people's characters.
  • Kevin Smith will only do a Fletch movie with Jason Lee
  • Kevin Smith is all about cock and fart jokes.
  • Clerks 2 is about how he feels about being in his 30s.
  • Kevin Smith is such a target for fanboys.
  • Kevin Smith really knows how to work a crowd at a convention.
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