10 Ways to Poison Your Career

I was reading this article about 10 Ways to Poison Your Career. I find the ideas to be interesting. I know lots of people who have problems with 5. Isolating Yourself. I hear people say all the time, "I do not want to be friends with these people. I just want to leave when the day is over." I think this is the wrong attitude. It is true that most people need to keep work and personal apart from each other, but you need to have a closer bond than just being a co-worker. People are much more likely to put themselves on the line if they see you as a friend.

I think they the miss a few. Here is what I would add to the list.

  • Don't Learn the culture of the company. There are lots of rules that change from company to company. You have to learn where those lines are. Working within the culture can help you get a long way.

  • Don't respect other people's time. Everyone has to get things done. In the modern work place we have to work with other people to get those things done. If people see you respecting their time they will not help you when you need it.

  • Don't Pitch In. There are lots of things that are not your job. Picking up some of those things and doing them can go a long way. If you tell you tell your co-workers that you are not going to do things that you are capable of and have time for, you will not go far in the organization.
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