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SV Blogger Meetup: I Hate Computers
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Here are my nonsense notes from the Silicon Valley/South Bay Blogger meetup. If you were at the blog meetup you would get more info about what these notes are about. I am going to write longer entries about some of these topics. If you leave a specific comment about one of these lines, I will write more about it.

Attendees: Mike, David, Kevin Elkit, and Me

-Sometimes Mike reminds me of the unabomber
-Everyone was talking about taxes
-David used to find his CPA
-The internet is broken, here at least
-What makes Blog Entries Popular
-I want my blog to pay for a new camera.
-Mike is wondering if it is "Mob log" or is it "Mo Blog"?
-Are Amazon reviews in danger?
-Google as resume/Googleism as resume
-find yourself on Slutometer
-I Know David Kadavy stickers
-I will blog for blog redesign
-in high school Mike got detention for playing with Fire
-Fake Photos with famous people
-David wants to learn how to camp
-the Furniture problem in a nomad culture


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