February 8: Jeff Tweedy At the Fillmore

February 8: Jeff Tweedy At the Fillmore
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Last month Dreamgirl and I went to see Jeff Tweedy at the Fillmore. It was her Christmas present to me. She keeps on telling me that something is going to happen if I ever buy her Wilco or Jeff Tweedy tickets, but that is a story for later. In case you do not know, we met because on the Wilco LiveJournal Community.

It was one of the best shows I have ever seen. I know that everyone says that about every show, but I really liked this show. I also know that one of the things that made it great was seeing it with Dreamgirl. It is great to be with the woman you love when you hear songs you both love.

I know that Jeff makes fun of himself as a singer and a musican. Even if he does not have the musical skill of the people he sees around him, he is one hell of a proformer. He had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand the whole time. He knowns how to get the most out of his skills. Playing for a solid 2 hours with 2 encores did not hurt either.

For the last song of the night he played Acuff-Rose without the PA. He walked to the front of the stage with his back to the microphone and played the song. I have never heard a concert crowd that quite before. It was great to have 1000 or so people quite as they can so we could hear this song. He did it other nights on the tour, but we saw it the first night.

I was thinking of this because I found the setlist on the Wilcobase website. Jeff Tweedy @ The Fillmore - San Francisco, CA - 2006-02-08. I like bands that have this kind of thing on the web. It is a cool thing to go back and look at.


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