The Meetup Report

Mike, Hank, Silvia, Antwon, David

I am blogging this live at the meeting just like Silvia.

-Americans Own Too much stuff. We talked about the size of houses and how people fill those houses. Mike said he wishes he could have less stuff.
-We were all taking photos. It is like the Reservoir dogs of photography
-Canon v. Nikon, Hank owns a Nikon. Hank old me to look at By Thom
-Antwon is Stoned on Life, Being Bored in my anti-drug, Blogs are my anti drug, Waiting to shuffle off this mortal coil is my anti-drug.
-How many hours can you spent at work reading non-work web pages. This can be measured in months.
-Archives on Shuffle, Reading blog archives are for suckers
-My life is is the worst choose your own adventure
-Mark Cubin looks like he has a laser Flowbee at home
-We all want Nixie Tube Clock
-The future would be so much cooler in the past
-I want to be a steam punk
-"This work stuff is really getting in the way of my blogging" Hank
-The problem with having your home number on your business card is that you can no longer have funny answering machine messages.
-Kevin Smith writes the Hardy Boys, the mystery is solved is the first page.
-Neck Punches are only for people you love. Antwon said "The problem with long distance relationships there is no Throat Punch part of the IP Protocal"
-"Have some rubble bitches." Antwon.
-Where is my ATM that looks like R2D2?


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