Photo a day lessons

This year I have been doing a Photo-A-Day Project. I did one back in 2004, but it fell apart before the end of February. When I started to do the project in 2004 I made an effort to go all over the place just to take pictures. That kind of effort did not last long. The project stopped as my attention was drawn other places. There was one point where I stopped taking photos all together.

This year it is different. I have not gone many places with the intent to take photos. I have just bring my camera with me where I go. There are places that I go knowing that I am going to take photos, but I would go those places anyway. The number of times I have done this is very small. More often I am just pulling my camera out and shooting wherever I am.

I will admit that I have stolen an idea from The Target Shoots First. In the movie the director says that he made sure to shoot something everyday, even if it was just the building he was working at. I do not see myself as the most artist person in the world, but it feels good to do something artist everyday.

Shooting wherever I am changes the way I see the world. I feel that I am more observant because I am always looking for pictures. If something catches my eye, I take a lot more time looking at it. I try to figure out what I am seeing. I conceder if I will be able to capture it with a camera or not.

So much of life is about rushing past the things around us. We build our lives to get to and from places as quick as possible. It is good to have something that makes me slow down and look at the world around me. I like anything that slows me down to look at the world. I am willing to take chances to get the photos that I am looking for. So far this project has been a very good thing.

Tell me if you have any suggestions for photos I should take for my project.


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