Sexy+Star Wars= Lots of Flickr Views

Empire Pinup
Originally uploaded by earthdog.

There is something about sexy women in Star Wars costumes that get lots of views. This photo graph already have over 100 views. I only uploaded it to flickr 10 hours ago. (Eight more people viewed this picture while I was writing this entry.)

It is more than just a sexy women showing skin. Other photos of sexy women do not do as well. I am not saying this photo will get as many views as Metal Slave Bikini Leia but I expect she will get into my top ten.

There is something about the Star Wars connection that gets people to view. I am not sure what is going on here. I gues there is something super cool about a women is who how and willing to fly her geek flag.

I might need to join a Star Wars fan group so I can learn more about this.


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