Trade This CD

In the Mercury News I see the headline: Start-up to offer CD-swap network. I am not sure how is going to get very far without getting sued. I think they have a legal right for this business model, but that will not stop record companies and the RIAA. I hope has enought money to survive that first round of the record companies just trying to squash them.

If takes off it could be a typing point moment. This could be the things that kills music distubition on CD. I think if all major lable CDs are distubed with copy protection, CDs will die as a commerical format. I do not think people will put up with limits on how many times they can copy a CD.

Thomas Hawk talked about iTunes being for suckers. iTunes is going to look great when the only CDs you can buy are copy protected.

I wish the best of luck to I think anything that puts pressure on the current record industry is a good thing. If you belong let me know because I would love to be invited.


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