Travel-Blogue: Powell's City of books

Out Powells Window
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It is not a trip to Portland without a stop at Powells City of books. I think this very spot is the heart of Portland. Mort than any other place, Powells semmes to be what Portland is about.

I am sitting at the window of the coffee shop in the book sotry watching the day go by. This has to be one of the top 5 places in Portland to people watch. I have spent hours here watching the world go by. I have a hard time looking away from the window. It is a good thing I am a touche typist.

Powells is Portland to me for some many reasons. This is a city that values things like books and local ownership. Everyone I have known here has at least one Powells story. It is the perfect place to squander a rainy day.

You cannot take a picture showing why Powells is so great. You just have to go and experence it. It is really a temple of books. If I ever publish a book, this is the place to come to see it on the shelves. The only bad thing is that it reminds me of how I am not reading enough.


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