Travel-Blogue: Whatever Happened To

Portland Vacation: Look
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I want to know what happened to the people I worked with at 800.COM. I wonder about them more than any other company I have ever worked for. That way the first job I found when I got to Portland. it was at the moment world where it seemed like anything could happen. It was also an important time for me.

Most of the people I worked at 800.COM were like me. We were mid-20, underemployed, trying to find our way. I had a great time working with them. They made a crappy job a pretty good place to work.

I have only seen two of my ex-800.COM-co-workers since I left Portland. That lease a lot of people unaccounted for. I want to know what happened to Nanci, Holly, Zach, JR, Greg, Jon, and Anne-marie. Is there any interent way I can get an idea of their lives. Do they keep blogs or flickr accounts? I just want to know what happened to them after 800.COM. Where they able to find what they were looking for?

I do not expect to ever hear from any of these people again. My guess is that they do not see that time as important to their lives as I do with my life. I guess I will just have to wonder and use them as characters for my Nanowrimo novels.


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