Gnarls Barkley

I am not sure what this means, but I am now using Best Week Ever to find new music. After seeing them talk about Gnarls Barkley on Friday, I went out and bought the album St. Elsewhere on Saturday. The clip of the song Crazy make my ears perk up in the way only a pop smash can. I used the listening station at record store to make sure this was not a primitive Radio Gods situation. (Only one listenable song on the album)

I have been listening to this album all the time over the last couple of days. Once I hear the songs I cannot get them out of my head. Just A Thought is a song that jumps out of the speakers and into my head every time I hear it. I just cannot stop singing it.

The album is all over the place. I can hear hints of Outkast, Moby, and Marvin Gay. They even cover a Violent Femmes song. It being all over the place is both a good and a bad thing. I like the crazy ways the songs are not like each other, but it does not make for a good album experience. I cannot find a thread that runs from song to song.

This album is worth hearing. There are some great songs on it. I just cannot say it is a great album.

As of Today you can hear Crazy and Smiley Faces on their web site.

UPDATE: Listening to this album more I think I see something else. All the Danger Mouse albums have the same problem. I do not feel like he is giving me an artist vision. I feel like he is saying, look at all the cool things I can do with music. I wonder if he will keep on doing this.


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