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The quick notes from a meetup

-Antown is going to use a sock puppet to run for Senate in North Dakota
-Ealasiad is organizing her books via the Library of Congress system
-We love when they dropped the steam powered atomic bomb in the movie Gettysburg
-Elkit wants me to make topics up.
-The guy from London said "I'm Speechless"
-Antown "54'40" or fight"
-Elkit: We are going to take over the internet. Next week it will all be in German."
-"I have a box full of Merchandise"
-We want an Alf cake at the Ealasiad & Antown House warming
-Elkit thinks I should hire Tori Spelling to check my Spelling
-Ealasiad said that no one has a good national anthem
-Ealasiad said that she likes her job at TiVo
-Static in my attic
-Silvia gets a lot of searches for "Broken beetle Back Light"
-We are waiting for the McDLPowerBook from Apple
-Screw making sense
-Why did Larry Walker never get traded to the Texas Rangers
-Everything I need to know I learned from South Park or the Simpsons
-Real Estate is really cheap on Neptune
-I got outsourcing backwards and sent all my extra space someplace more expensive.
-What does STFU stand for?
-You know what will get that page to load? Hate the internet harder.
-We want to see Ealasiad use the Courtney Number to sort her books.
-I am trying to avoid the Wikipedia demons
-What songs have Paul Anka sing about Wikipedia?
-David uses our tax dollars to watch the San Jose City Council
-I hear the answer to the Da Vinci Code is the sled
-Jack Black would play Antown in the movie of his life
-Marianne Faithful would play Elkit in the movie of her life
-Selma Blair would play Elkit in the remake of that movie
-Reese Witherspoon would play Ealasiad in the movie of her life
-Tobey Maguire would play David in the movie of his life
-Silvia left before she could answer this question.
-Frank Black would play me in the movie of my life
-Tom Hanks would narrate the documentary of our lives
-George Clooney would smugly direct the movie of the South Bay Blogger
-Antown said something really funny while I was spell checking
-Antown says I should change Sad Salvation to Sad Wiki Salvation


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