Open Letter to On The Media- Hot in Hollywood

I heard your interview with Laurie David and I had to write to you. I did not watch Earth to America because I cannot listen people who have made millions of dollars off television ads tell me how bad global warming is. I do not think TBS is going to stop taking ads revnue from people or companies who are causing global warming. Do these people not know that they are at the center of consumer culture? Did they not see the car ads during their shows? If they are not going to own up to their part of global warming what good is it for them to talk about it?

Larry David might drive a Prius, but what does his total environmental footprint look like? If you add all the money he made from car advertisements from Seinfeld, what does it look like? I am happy that Oprah did a show about global warming, but who is advertising on her show? How is Oprah going to spend the money she got from that show?

I am happy that Laurie David can pat herself on the back, but just getting these issues in the media does not really change anything. Hollywood is still making money off the business culture that is polluting. Until this changes, all of Laurie David's efforts are just window dressing.


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