I have been using dodgeball for more than four months now. I can say that it has been useful a total of once. That is crap. Most of the time Dodgeball is good for showing me where my friends in San Francisco are hanging out. I am not going to just get in my car and drive 50 miles because I got a text message.

The system is set up to be used in a city, not in an area like the Bay Area. It would be nice for the text messages to tell me what city the venue is in, instead of me having to figure it out on my own.

The other problem is that few of my friends around San Jose use it. I have no idea of how to get more of them to use it. I guess them knowing what coffee house I am hanging out in is not such a big draw for people. I have friends who are signed up but never use it. I am not sure how I can get them to use it.

I hear (third or forth hand) that Buzz Anderson says Dodgeball is the perfect geek social tool. You can tell people what is going on without them having to commit to anything. I guess I want it to be a bit more useful. Right now it is doing nothing to help my social life.


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