Signs of the Time

I just laughed when I read this this story about lawn signs in the mayor's race. | 06/01/2006 | Lawns become battleground: "To a surprising extent, too, a sign in a yard doesn't necessarily mean that the homeowner is voting for that candidate. One Naglee Terrace resident ordered up a Mulcahy sign for her yard simply because she felt surrounded by her neighbors' dueling Pandoris and Chavezes.

``I'm not voting for him. I just wanted another'' sign, said the woman, who declined to give her name or preferred candidate. And just recently, she moved her pale blue-and-green Mulcahy closer to the street after realizing neighbors couldn't see it by her porch. ``I'm surprised they haven't stolen it yet,'' she said.

When I was growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia a lawn Sign meant you were involved. People with lawn signs were either volunteers for the party or had a personal relationship with the candidate.


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