Tree-sitter lands in L.A. urban garden

I cannot say anything bad about Julia “Butterfly” Hill for tree-sitting In a L.A. urban farm. This tactic can slow the doom's day. The farmers might get more time raise the money to buy the land. Here is one thing that caught my eye.
"An attempt to buy most of the land through a nonprofit trust for $16.3 million failed last month when donations fell short. That prompted protesters to set up a tent city and use the walnut tree as a watchtower in case Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies tried to evict them. The garden has drawn visits from such celebrities such as actors Darryl Hannah and Martin Sheen, and folk singer Joan Baez."
I could not find a dollar figure of how short the land trust came. If famous people care about this land, put your money where your mouth is. I know people ask you for money all the time. If you think this land is important donate your money to the cause. In the end either the money will come in or the land will be developed. I do not think protesters will be able to keep the land owner from his land forever.


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