Comic Con Prep Part 1

Jimmy Gownley
Originally uploaded by earthdog.

I have my Comic Con Pass. I am very excited. I am looking forward to the trip. It will be good to get away for a little while. The trip seems to have taken on a new insignificance. There is a lot of things I need to hold off until I get back from San Diego.

I plan on taking as many photos as I can and posting them to flickr. Everyone knows that nothing drives flickr views like women in geek costume.

This year I plan on taking more photos because I have a better camera and I am more involved with Flickr. I think last year Comic Con was one of my tipping points getting me more involved with flickr. There is something I love about talking photos of people in costume. I guess it is not something I get to take pictures of in my everyday life.

Jimmy Gownley was nice enough to get me a pro badage. I wonder if that will change the way people treat me at the show. My guess is that nothing will change. It is still cool to have a pro badge.

Going to Comic Con in Sad Diego is my big vacation for the summer. I like it because it is a chance to see my friends and the show is fun. The summer is going by so quickly. Comic con give me a chance to put work aside and just do something for myself. That is going to be a good thing with the way this summer is going.


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