Comic Con Prep Part 2

harley quinn
Originally uploaded by earthdog.

I have been telling myself for years that I need personal business cards. People all the time want to know my blog. I have to hope they remember what I tell them. I know that many people never made it to my site.

Now I finally took the jump and ordered business cards. I will have something to hand out to people when they ask about the photos. They will be able to see the photos. The business card has Sad Salvation and my Flickr account on it. I just hope the business cards are really useful.

I am excited about having business cards to take with me to Comic Con. I am not sure why. It reminds of when I made business cards for myself in my high school printing class. They were not useful at all, but they were still fun to have. I guess it is a little thing that I have never out grown.


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