Comic Con Prep Part 3

March 26: Ready to go
Originally uploaded by earthdog.

I hate packing for trips. Packing is only cool when you get to buy new stuff for the trip. I am not getting to do this for this trip. That means I just need to pack all my old crap. That is never fun.

There are lots of reasons I do not like packing. One of the reasons is that I always pack too much stuff. Even when I try to pack light I pack too much stuff. Since I am away from my stuff, I want to bring everything with me. I need to not bring stuff just in case I need to use it.

I know I need to break myself of this habit. I should find a way to travel light. Taking my car does not help. Driving makes it really easy to take too much stuff. I take less stuff when I fly, but it is still too much.


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