A space of your own.

I heard a story on NPR about how American houses are getting larger and larger. I found the story to be interesting. There is little info about why it is happening, but lots of reporting about how people feel about it.

Look at this quote:

"If you have people coming out from the city, where they are bombarded by people, the tendency is to isolate themselves," Lofaro says. "Their house is their community. It is not the community's community, it is their community."

I think that houses are getting bigger because we are in love with stuff. We love to buy stuff and we love to own stuff. We do not want to get rid of the stuff we have to get more stuff. We need more places to put the stuff.

I wondered why we love stuff. There seems to be a number of people who want to move the public sphere into the private sphere. Why go to the movies and act like a civil human being when I can stay at home with my home theater and make my own rules. Why have to deal with the people at the coffee shop when I can have my own expresso machine. I think Americans want to pull themselves away from the world. We only want to deal with people like us or people we select. It does not make for a great society.


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