Who Was I?

I look at my referral logs from time to time to see how people my find my blog. I was a little curious when I found someone found Sad Salvation with the search: my feeling about attending church without my mate. I could not think of an entry that would have tripped this search result. I looked around and I found that the search result came from this entry from an the interview meme.

One thing about writing a blog on a regular basics is that you generate a lot of text. I have been keeping this blog for several years now. I have no idea how many words I have written, but it has been a lot. I would like to think that I remember everything I have written here. After looking at my archives for a little while I realize that is impossible. I will not remember everything I ever wrote.

I find what I wrote about looking for a mate very interesting now. I think I know a little more about this and about myself now. I did not think about these things while I was in my last relationship, but I am thinking about them now.

I know that I should go back and read my old entries. I should see how much I have changed over the last couple of years. I might find something that I do not expect in those entries. After that I could go back and read my old journal that I kept before I started writing this blog. that might be interesting.


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