Death Cab at the Greek

before the show
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I ended up going to the Death Cab Concert by myself. I told my ticket to a scalper for only $10. Of course 10 minutes after I left the office one of my co-workers stopped looking to buy the ticket. Like I said, that ticket was cursed.

The Greek Theatre in Berkley is a pretty good place to see a show. I got there early enough to get a good seat. All of these seats there have a good view of the stage.

Mates of State were okay. I was not blown away by them on stage. I am not sure how many nights they have played at a place as big as the Greek Theatre, but they did not do too much to fill it up with sound. If they want to play venues that big they have to make their sound larger. It was a good job for the first act on a three act bill.

Mates of State did do a cool half cover. In the middle of Like U Crazy they did break into Gnarls Barkley's Crazy. Most of the audience did not even notice this. If anyone has a copy of this I would love to get it.

I was more disappointed in Spoon. They did not not seem very engaged with the audience. I know this is hard when you are not headlining, but they seemed very remote. I would still see them in a smaller venue, but I was not impressed my them.

Death Cab for Cutie did a pretty good show. They had a great sound and energy. They made it seem that they wanted to play for us more than anything else in the world. I think this usually makes for a good show.

Ben Gibbard was all over the place. He moved from guitar to piano throughout the night. He had a lot of energy. Sometimes that energy was too much for some of the slower songs. They did a great jam during We Look Like Giants. They even brought out a drum kit for Ben.

I will admit that I spent a lot of the night thinking about my ex-girlfriend. I bought the tickets for us to use together. It was a bit of a let down to have to go to the show by myself.

It was a pretty good show. Death Cab is not a great band live, but they were worth the price of the tickets. I can only guess that they will play larger venues in the future. They just did not blow me away. It was not as bad as some people made me think from comments about seeing them play live on other tours.


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