Downtown dreaming

I would love for Downtown San Jose to become exciting and vibrant, but I have a hard time seeing it happen. I do not know if San Jose has it in it. One of the problems is that San Francisco is so close. San Jose is in San Francisco's gravity well.

I am just not sure what can be done. A social scene has to be a diverse system. There has to be all sorts of things to do. I am not sure a government or private group and just decide to change things.

One of the problems with San Jose is that are few good walkable areas. You have a few good area, but they are distance from each other. There is no good way to get from San Pedro Square to the Camera 12.

If it was up to me I would focus on the area from the Shark Tank to City Hall. I would encourage businesses that stay open until midnight. We do not need a sofa store that closes at 5 PM if you are trying to make a downtown vibrant. You would also need to get rid of all the ground floor offices on that street. Anything that does not interest night life breaks up the walk and is a bad thing.

I do not see things getting better any time soon in this town.


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