iTV - I Could swear Someone Else Owns that trademark

I looked at Apples Announcements today about the new iPods and new iTunes Movie Store. I think that Apple has done a lot get into a place where they can download video to people. I think they answered a lot of the questions I had last week.

I am happy to see that the movies and TV shows will be downloaded at 640x480 now. I think this is important. This makes it much more watchable on a larger screen. It will still look kind of crappy on a big TV. I wonder if they are working their way up to HD signals. That would take a lot more bandwidth.

I am not sure about the selection of movies. They are launching with 75 movies. That is a lot less than Amazon has right now with Unbox. Apple is only launching with movies from Disney. I wonder how long it will take Steve to get other studios on board.

I am interested in seeing the iTV hardward. I could swear that someone owns that trademark already. Maybe Apple bought it too. It has HD outputs, I wonder if HD content is coming. I wonder if that hardware will have a hard drive or not. If there is HD content without a hard drive, that will be rough on home networks. The iTV is an answer that Amazon Unbox does not currently have.

I think the iTV as shown implies that Steve Jobs has no interest in broadcast. He has said before that he was not interested in making a DVR. The iTV would lead me to believe this is true. There are no video inputs just video outputs. I wonder if it will be able to stream DVDs also.

I think the new iPod Nano without video is a good move. The Nano is already the most popular iPod ever. I see no need to ad video pay back to that product. I think it helps them create a value proposition for the regular iPods. I think they are really creating a family of products not just putting the same functions on every product.


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