The Summer Is Ending

It is Labor Day and I am trying to figure out where my summer went. As an adult summer is more elusive that it was as a kid. When you are in school summer is different that being in school. You know you have to make the most out of summer. You can see the days count away. Most of the time I was happy for school to start up again.

As an adult summer is no different than the rest of the year. I can take my vacation any time. Summer is just a time where I am worried about how hot my apartment gets. I get to go to baseball games in the summer, but sports go year round and I can always go to a game.

I will admit that I will be glad to see this summer come to a close. It has not been the greatest summer for me. The three markers of this summer for me have been my ex-girlfriend breaking up with me, Comic Con, and Labor day. The summer broke perfectly into two halves. Now that the summer is over I am not sure how my life will be different.


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