The Wire

Today I was having a conversation about The Wire. Tommy said is because said the third Season of The Wire might be the best season of any TV anywhere. I had to think about it when he said that. I liked the third season of The Wire, but that is now what I thought when I watched it. I watched the show in reruns because I did not have HBO when it aired.

After a few moments of thinking about Television I could not disagree with what Tommy said. There are shows seasons of television I have liked more than the third season of the Wire, but I know that taste does not equal quality. There are plenty of things that I like that are just awful, like pro-wrestling.

One of the reasons the show is great is because it was not structured like any police drama before it. The show was about policing, not a specific crime. There was no big case in the show. The show was about a lot of high level police ideas. It was not about an investigation.

The show is also great because of the level of realism in the show. The show is shot on the streets of Baltimore and it helps the show. The drama is very realistic. I do not feel like I am watching actors when I watch this show. It does not feel like it is written by people who write screen plays for a living. It does not have the same kind of moral lines that the rest of TV has.

The forth season of the Wire has just started. They are running a marathon of the shows that have already aired this season. If you have HBO you should watch it. If you do not have HBO rent the other seasons and Netflix and see for yourself if Tommy is right or not.


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